Welcome to the website for the Scottish Church History Society.

A hymn has the line; ‘It’s from the old, I travel to the new’ and few Scottish institutions have more ‘old’ than the church in all its various forms.

Our Society was formed nearly 90 years ago to study the history of the church in Scotland. It owes its allegiance to no particular tradition and its members come from many traditions or none. Its aim is to increase our understanding of how churches functioned in the past and how their history influenced, or was influenced by, the life of Scotland as a whole.

The Society has a wide range of members, academic historians and students, ministers and church members, genealogists and those simply interested in the religious heritage of the nation.

You are very welcome at our meetings and conferences or to take part in the Scottish Church History Society. Details of membership are to be found on the website menu. We look forward to seeing you.

Andrew Muirhead

Past president, Scottish Church History Society

The Records of the Scottish Church History Society back catalogue is now available online!